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Savage Celebrates 120 Years.

The most well-known boat brand in Australia, Savage celebrates 120 years of success.

Savage was the first in Australia to build welded aluminium boats and is held in high regard amongst the Australian public.

In 1898 John Joseph Savage built the first boat under the name J.J Savage. Little did he know that more than a century later, the Savage name would become part of Australia’s boating heritage.

Throughout its long history, Savage has always endeavoured to provide high quality long lasting designs. In the late 80’s and early 90’s, Savage was the top selling boat brand within Australia. Today Savage would owe some of their success to this iconic history.

In 2008, Telwater purchased Savage with plans to revive the brand and restore its former glory. The manufacturing of Savage was moved from its Melbourne factory to Telwater’s 8.6-hectare state of the art manufacturing facility. Here, boats could be produced with greater quality controls in larger quantities with shorter lead times.

When Telwater purchased the Savage brand it was selling 250 boats annually and had only a handful of authorised dealers. Two years later the brand has expanded its dealer network across Australia by over 400% and over 1,500 Savage boats are sold annually.

The Savage range spans almost 50 models offering boats for all kinds of adventures. From the Raptor series ideal for exploring Australia’s diverse freshwater, to the Scorpion line-up dedicated to fishing, or the versatile Beach Comber designed for any situation.

Over the years Savage has thrived on innovation. The majority of the models boast the Ultra-Lift Hull which offers more stability both at rest and underway, increased fuel economy and it provides all around better performance.

Today, after 120 years of consistent innovation, Savage is a name held in high esteem amongst entry-level boaties and old salts alike.

‘I would like to congratulate each and every one of our 60 dealers across the nation, their hard work and reliability is what helped us achieve this historic milestone.’ says Nick McCartney, National Account Manager for Savage Boats.

‘It humbles me to think of the thousands of Australian Boaters who have owned a Savage over the years and the 120 years of memories created on the water’