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Savage 445 Osprey

There was something about the savage 445 Osprey that caught my eye. The Osprey was all shiny and new, tied up to the jetty. Something about the Simplicity of this style of boat makes them so versatile and very popular.

In the perfect world, we would have 3-4 different boats for different occassions, and this Osprey would definitely be on my list. I think every fisherman should have a 4-metre tiller steer opan boat at their disposal.

You could literally load this boat up with camping/fishing gear and take the family away for a weekend in your local river or bay. Beach this rugged little boat and unload your gear for a sensational weekend or holiday. It is light enough for a couple of adults to drag up or down the beach as needed. This would be the perfect boat for getting the family into fishing and boating or just going away with your mate for that weekend adventure.

If you are into crabbin, then the Osprey would be very suitable. There is plenty of storage for crab pots whilst on the move. The Osprey would be just at home as a prawning platform. This stable little boat could take 3 people and all their gear for a day chasing prawns. The front casting deck is perfect for throwing a cast net.

For the bait fisherman, there is plenty of room for eskies, tackle-boxes and fishing rods. The anchor well has easy access, allowing you to drop the pick and start fishing. The sides are an excellent height for learning on whilst fighting that fish of a lifetime.

The additional of an electric motor could make the lure fisherman very happy as well. Stability whilst casting and fishing is a big plus, and there is plenty of room for storage.

I would be quite happy dragging one of these Savage boats up the cape for a hardcore fishing trip. Alternatively, it would be in the local creeks, rivers or bays. I could even see the adventurous all-round angler taking this offshore in the right conditions.

Savage is Austrailia's oldest aluminium boat brand. Their first boat rolled out in 1898, so you just know the have learnt a thing or two about boatbuilding along the way. The experience gained from 120 years is evident in this hardcore family fishing boat.